About SWAT

The Southwest Area Transportation Committee (“SWAT”) is one of four Regional Transportation Planning Committees within Contra Costa County, and represents the South County sub-region. It is composed of elected representatives and technical staff from the Cities of Lafayette, Orinda, and San Ramon; the Towns of Danville and Moraga; and the unincorporated area of Southern Contra Costa County. SWAT is responsible for the development of transportation plans, programs, and policies throughout the sub-region as well as the appointment of two representatives to the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (“CCTA”).

The three other Regional Transportation Planning Committees within Contra Costa County are TRANSPAC, TRANSPLAN and WCCTAC.

About CCTA

CCTA is a public agency formed by Contra Costa voters in 1988 to manage the county’s transportation sales tax program and countywide transportation planning, and is responsible for maintaining and improving the county’s transportation system through planning, funding, and delivering transportation infrastructure projects and programs. CCTA is also the county’s designated Congestion Management Agency (CMA), responsible for putting programs in place to keep traffic levels manageable. Read More »


Tri-Valley Transportation Plan and Action Plan

The 2014 TVTC Plan is the third major update. It first reassesses transportation issues within the Tri-Valley area, then refines the vision statements, goals, policies, and objectives, and finally, updates the actions, measures, programs, and projects that will help to achieve the plan objectives. 

Lamorinda Action Plan

The 2014 Lamorinda Action Plan assesses regional transportation issues within the Lamorinda area and outlines a recommended package of vision statements, goals, policies, objectives, and actions for addressing those issues. The study area includes Moraga, Lafayette, Orinda, and portions of unincorporated Contra Costa.

Committee Members and Staff

JurisdictionCommittee Member/Elected OfficialStaff (TAC)
Contra Costa CountyCandace Andersen, District II Supervisor
Robert Sarmiento
Town of DanvilleKaren Stepper, Vice Mayor
Andy Dillard
City of LafayetteTeresa Gerringer, Council Member
Patrick Golier
Town of MoragaRenata Sos, Mayor
2023 Vice Chair
Bret Swain
City of OrindaDarlene Gee, Vice Mayor
2023 Chair
Sivakumar Natarajan
City of San RamonScott Perkins, Council Member
Chris Weeks

Other Staff

SWAT Administrative Staff
Chris Weeks

Contra Costa Transportation Authority Staff
John Hoang

County Connection Staff
Pranjal Dixit

BART Staff
Kamala Parks

Committee Assignments

Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA)
Scott Perkins
Term Ends: 1/31/2024
Alternate: Karen Stepper

Renata Sos
Term Ends: 1/31/2025
Alternate: Teresa Gerringer

CCTA Technical Coordinating Committee
Shawn Knapp, Town of Moraga
Term Ends: 3/31/2024
Alternate: Vacant

Andy Dillard, Town of Danville
Term Ends: 3/31/2024
Alternate: Patrick Golier, City of Lafayette

Chris Weeks, City of San Ramon
Term Ends: 3/31/2024
Alternate: Vacant

Countywide Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan Oversight Committee
Chris Weeks, City of San Ramon
Term Ends: 12/31/2023

Bill Keeshen, Citizen Rep
Term Ends: 12/31/2023